More Work for Marshy

Showing off the side of my 1996 200sx
Marshy’s new side skirts

So I made a bit of a mistake today. I made a new side-skirt for Marshy and didn’t do a step-by-step. I realized this after completing the passenger side. The rain was moving in quick so I decided to leave the driver’s side untouched until I buy more filler, and get weather that’s favorable enough to complete the work. Body filler and paint don’t like rain!

This took me about 2 hours to complete. I’m very pleased with the results. If you feel that it’s something that you need to do to your car or something you would like to try, you can prepare for my DIY post by gathering some materials.

I used the following materials. I’m including links for Lowe’s and Walmart. That’s just where I happened to buy these. You can get them at multiple other retailers.

Yes! You read that right. I used a rain gutter!

More on that in the step-by-step. Expect to see it within the next week or so!

Thank you for reading 😀


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