Call Me Cheesy… but…

I was on my way home today and got this overwhelming feeling that nearly made me cry. The thought of coming home to Shell excited me so f***ing much. SO MUCH. I’ve felt something similar on some other days, but never like this. I’m not sure if it’s because I had just finished a Monster or the Sheetz coffee (I’m an absolute Caffeine junkie) that elevated my mood so much. Whatever it was, it made me think…

Our family on Thanksgiving of 2018. Junior was only one month old 😀

This woman and I met when neither of us had A THING. I was living in my sister’s unfinished basement, Shell was living in her room at her Grandmothers. She’s been with me through poverty, through loss, and stuck with me when I was battling SEVERE mental illness. And She’s stayed for the good as well. We took absolutely nothing and turned it into a home, a family, and a generous income from both of our hard work. We’re doing it. Succeeding.

When you find the one, don’t EVER let them go. EVER.

When you find the person that completes your soul, it’s so liberating. I’m hers, she’s mine. Plain and simple. We’re more in love with each other now than ever before. When you find the one, you will know. Because it just works. There are no second thoughts and no regrets because it just works. We both (finally) found real, unconditional, pure, sweet, and beautiful LOVE.

Shell and I, sometime in May of 2019

I’m not saying that we’ve never had problems because we’ve had plenty. But we get over them. We forgive and forget the petty shit, and we move on. If you want to have a happy relationship, adore your partner, forgive them when it’s appropriate, and live your life with them. Don’t spend your life arguing or being angry. Love your partner like today is your last day on Earth. Appreciate the ones you love. Coming from someone that lost my father young and had a sister commit suicide, DON’T EVER TAKE A MOMENT WITH A LOVED ONE FOR GRANTED.

Ok. Enough ranting. Stay tuned for some more car tips, and I’ll be posting a tutorial on installing active pickups in your guitar this week! Also, go follow Shell on Instagram, HERE! And me, HERE!

As always,

Thank you for reading.


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  • August 19, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    You are the sweetest man in the world. Any woman would be lucky to call you theirs.


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