Our beloved “Marshy”

Acquiring a Legend.

Some time in late June of 2018, my wife and I moved in to our first apartment together. We didn’t have a car so it was very difficult for us to get around places, other than downtown Indiana. So, we saved what we could and came up with a few hundred dollars. While browsing Facebook flea market pages I came across an ad saying, “1996 Nissan 200sx” the description was a bit bland, but got to the point. The car had 172,500 miles on it. Yikes. The owner stated that the car was well taken care of, but the inspection had just run out and it needed a few repairs. $400. Yes, you read that right. $400?!?! “Let’s go look at it.” I called my mom for a ride and off we went! We arrived at a beautiful house out in the middle of nowhere, about 10 miles from home. There it was. I saw it and immediately noticed some OBNOXIOUS checkered flag racing stripes, from front to back, with the name “Breh” (not a typo) printed on the hood. Ugh. So ugly. But we test drove the car and we were sold. I didn’t even barter. I gave the man $400 cash and we transferred the title. We just got a car for nearly scrap price!!

Here and Now

Nissan B14 200sx

As i type this post from my porch, guess what I see in front of the house? That same 200sx, now with 200,459 miles on the odometer. It’s hands down, the greatest vehicle that I have ever owned!

The Future

I have no plans of selling this car in the near future. I actually plan on rebuilding it. This will ad a lot of good automotive DIY content to my blog. Please keep your eye out for new content, starring Marshy (I’ll explain that in a later post).

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