Unaffiliated Links

Some of my favorite online tools.

I’ve named this section “Unaffiliated Links” because they are exactly that. This page is dedicated to sharing links that I have no affiliate account and make no money from.

As you can see, I do have advertising on my pages. I only used Google Adsense to try to bring you ads that are relevant and ads that may actually help you. I’m not trying to get rich off of this blog. That’s not why I started it. I just want to be able to cover the $4.95 per month for hosting and $12.00 a year for registering the domain name. Anything extra would just be prepaying hosting for the future. With that said, from time to time I run into tools or programs online that I feel are worth a mention. The following are some of those tools. I have no affiliation with these companies and I don’t make a single penny off of these pages. Check back often, as this list will surely grow over time!


SmallSEOTools – This company has a wonderful keyword rank research tool that I use often. They also offer many other free and low-cost tools to help with Search Engine Optimization for your sites.

Directnic – This is the company that I use for hosting. I believe my first month was less than $3.00 US. The price for their “Lite Hosting” package is $4.95 per month. You’re able to host up to 3 domains, 50 email accounts, 50 subdomains, 3 FTP accounts, One-click WordPress installation, etc. They are the 3rd company that I’ve used since I started this site and the only one that I paid for more than one month. I really like using Directnic for hosting.